Ghosts I Have Been

by Faith Assembly

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released January 1, 1999

Produced by Mark Stacy
Mixed and Mastered by Rob Craner



all rights reserved


Faith Assembly Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Ghosts I Have Been
Without you
Cry to me
Track Name: Allure
No one sleeps tonight...
the ghosts are down
they’re lying to your soul
(dreams and candle-light, slowly burning, slowly turning down the night)
always in your soul
Surrender... and you might find me
Find the ways to your soul
(dreams and candlelight, slowly burning, slowly turning down the night)
never let go always in your soul

And now you see
all the things you have over me
And now you need
all the things that
you take from me
You’re alluring light
is what I’ll fight
Well it’s alright
it’s alright
Surrender your mind to the skies
then maybe you’ll find me
Track Name: Off The Highwire
Off the highwire
I fall down...
so proud to fall now
as I’m falling
I hear her name
off the highwire
I feel the same
So high up off the ground...
Wouldn’t you like to know
what it’s like to fall?
Off the highwire I fall now
So broken with that sound
As I’m falling I feel their shame
off the highwire it’s all the same
but you never look down

And she builds the walls
heartless from all around
and she calls
trying to make no sound
I saw her smiling face
while I hit the ground
Stare inside
I’m gone without a trace...
From all around
trying to make no sound
now we make no sound
Track Name: Crash and Burn
I look through you to see in me
all the fears inside
And now I tumble through your world,
I want your darkness to stay... tonight

Can it be... Nirvana
I want to see Nirvana in you
Oh God I need... Nirvana

I used to think the day would come
when you’d see my love as the sun
And still I tumble through your world
I want your darkness to stay for light
as you take your flight

I know you’re down tonight
Crash and Burn tonight
Burn me down
Track Name: Failure
Take your life and go
Take this time
to cut loose from what I’ve know
All your games
I’ve played
take my thoughts as they fall away...
and they say...
Can’t stay away from the pain you give to me
One step away from the thoughts that take me down
Can’t face the day
from the hurt you give to me
I believe...
Descend to me
Track Name: When Anna Speaks
Touched inside
swore I’d never let go
lived in your hell... and why?
cared to try
tell myself lies
When Anna speaks
try to get away
when Anna speaks
got to get away
Hating me
only fuels the desire
try to stand
you know I’ll crawl
try to fight... but why?
When Anna Speaks... down
Track Name: Hurt
I never want to see you again
I hope this vision fades
I never want to hear your voice again
I hope your sound will fade

I know hurt’s descending down
can you sense it again
I feel hurt cascading down,
dreams will never end
I feel whole

I never want to feel your touch again
I hope the pulses fade
I never want to hear that
laugh again
Damn the faces in my way
I see through the things you said you adored
I feel for you
So don’t turn me away
I need you
like I did before
I can’t leave you
only you
Track Name: Cascade
In another world she’ll let you go
and let you swim to shore
In my world she lifts you up
to bring you down.
then the real world shows and she’ll carry you
Even if she don’t want you

In another world she’ll save you
Despite her hands of clay
In my world I love you
and you don’t love me...
Don’t punish me

You’re all I know
every single day
You’re all I have...
so give yourself away
I’ll find a way
to take on this brand new day
Track Name: Falling From Grace
Witness it all
I have no crystal ball
but I see a future without you
my darkest hour
has no shelter
the only comfort left that serves me well.
And I fall from grace
now you see what I gained from loving you

And I’ll try no to speak
and I’ll try not to hurt
I only want to hide from the colour on your face
a simple sign that tells me
now it’s only just a matter of time.
Down... Down... Down
Track Name: The Midnight Procession
Voices call me now
Blue Sundays
Someone let me out
so I can hide
Track Name: Longing
So tired tonight
as I find myself thinking
what’s gone right in life
so wired tonight
useless words...
made this obsessed place where I found you
Inhuman to me
take this from me
And yes I’ve cried
a thousand times
and your speech
suggests that nothing ever changes
and my thoughts
cry to the world
somehow the end is almost near
somehow I’ll find a way out of here...
the wall I know as you

And I’ll try not to crash
into the wall I know as you