My Mortal Beloved

by Faith Assembly

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released February 4, 2015

Produced and Mixed by Martin Hawkes and Mark Stacy
Mastered by Rob Craner

Mark Stacy: Vocals, Guitars and Programming
Craig Gilmore: Basses and Guitars
Leigh Bailey: Vocals and Keyboards



all rights reserved


Faith Assembly Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Persuasion
Why speak
When the words are never spoken
Why me
When I look into you I see me
Some say
You’ll never believe me
I say
Life’s too short anyways

And if you tried to speak my language
I think you’d find you wouldn’t be denied
I think you’d find you couldn’t be denied

I think of you in winter time
so cold
Is there blood in your veins
Just let it fall
Hear the crashing sound
Just let it fall
Set it all down with that black-eyed frown
Track Name: Unraveled
Lost in our own world again
Her broken heart
Will speak to you again

I come unraveled every time I think of you
I see the end is right though no-one knows it

I think alone today
Just to clear the smiles away
It turns inside my head
And it leaves me for dead

I think of the summer voices
Now they make no sound
Around and round

I see an empty face
Inside an empty room
I see the end in sight
Though no-one knows it
Track Name: Evil Twin Sister
Look to the camera
In a world that’s gone blind
I can’t see the colours of your mind
Touch the manners of despair
Their damage done can we go home
All I can say... It’s too late for yesterday

Here we are
In a world so demanding, Withers
It’s all we have
As we fall again and again, Burned alive
In a world so demanding forget us
It’s all we have today

Never knew, never felt, never sensed, never lost,
never told or thought this would tear us apart
It’s okay you can breathe a sigh now you can lay the blame

Went to them, Went to you
Condescend, Comprehend
Never thought of going to me in the end

Silently I scream to you
Before it’s gone

I know, You’re never going free,
never going free as long as you’re with me
never going free, never going free
as long as your weakness carries on

Here she comes…
There she goes…
I’m never looking back

I turn around to face the cold inside their hearts
I can feel the anger burn inside of me
Never looking back is all the world can give to you
I know cause I’ve been there

Never wanted to forget you
Shelter, shelter me
Track Name: Red Ambition
Speak your words
Then take it back
Can’t decide
Don’t look back
Take me in your arms
Then let me go
Don’t look back
(Speak the words then let me go)
There it goes
I hear the sound
Don’t look back
Now you know just where to go
In your arms I lay myself down

So cold
Living high on your red ambitious lies
So cold
So blind

Let me go
In case you didn’t know
You’re mean
You laugh to cry
The half of your mind says it all the time
Sell your soul to your red ambitious lies

Feel it yeah
I can feel it yeah
Track Name: Her Deepest Sleep
There you live inside a broken dream
The mourning light’s not what it seems
And I won’t scream unless you… ask me to
The darkness calls
But not for you

Some will say the wind blows
If you call the Angels
Down from God
Then you hear the voices scream
High above
(they say it’s just a feeling)

A heart lays tired and reckoned
Queens in despair
The darkness falls
I just don’t care
And I won’t cry if you… ask me to
The screams will slow to nothing
And so will you

First you hear the wind blow
Then you call the Angels
Down from God
Then you hear the voices scream
High above
Then you’ll hear the rainfall
If you call the Angels
Down from God
Then you hear the voices scream
High above

There you go again
Hurt your only friend
Never stop to think why
I want it to feed me
move me, and release me

First you hear the wind blow
Then you call the Angels
Down from God
Then you hear the voices scream
Then you hear the rainfall
and it always seems the same
Then you feel the time to fly
High above
Track Name: The Spinning Wheel
Tried so hard
Just to feel something
I tried so hard
Just to sense your soul
I tried so hard
Just to see something
All I ask
Is that your empty hell
will leave me

Spiraling down
All I have is you
Spin your wheels and watch
what you have done

I look at you
I don’t see nothing
What about me
Don’t you care anymore
I point at you
Just to get something
Taking me
into the web of night
Leave me

What about you
I don’t see nothing
I tried so hard
Just to sense your soul
Believe me
Track Name: Fall of Rome
All my life
I give to you
One more time
I give to you
Just one more night
I feel for you
In this time
I don’t see you anymore

Feel the crash of the mirror
on the ground
Feel her hands tied down
Round and round
And I try to see the face

Now I search for words
Deep inside of me
Someone hit your wall
And now we’re helpless
Must I fear the words again
The more things change
The more they stay the same

I can’t see now what you want from me
I can feel it from time to time
Taking a look at your diseased mind
Track Name: Cadence
Track Name: Submission
I feel you
Sleeping well tonight
I need you
To give me your dreamlight
Your thoughts are going to prevail
I know
what lives inside your mind

Every single day
All I need to know
Life’s high
One more time

My thoughts will never let me go
I need you to hate me one more time
That’s ‘cause…

Every single day
I give myself away
Life’s high
One more time

And it falls by the wayside
As I fall
I’m hoping you will want to stay

All that I can say
Blown myself away
Life’s high
One more time
I need you to stay
I live from day to day
Track Name: An Uncertain Sense of Serenity