The Diary of Winter

by Faith Assembly

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released January 1, 1990

Produced by Mark Stacy

Mark Stacy: Vocals, Guitars and Programming
Steve McGuire: Programming and Guitars



all rights reserved


Faith Assembly Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Reflections In The Window
I feel the hate
from within your smile
I sense the danger
When you laugh outloud

Is it too late
I love to watch you hate him so
Watching his fate
Falling down

I taste the hate
From within your breath
Your path
Leaves destruction

Ten years of building up the wall
It's time to make your mind move
And think of someone else
Don't you care
About anyone else
Track Name: Fiction
Fiction I can feel it
Fading with each day
Your eyes only
Tell me to go away
Lost in time
Feel the piercing thoughts
Pass through my mind

What else can I say to you
You have no conscience
You're falling down
Falling down...
Falling down...
Falling down again

The memory is over
The face finally revealed
You never laugh
You never cry
Always the one left behind
Always left behind
Track Name: Heaven's Gate
Standing in the dark

Help me father
I'm drowning in your sea
I feel their anger
Closing in on me
Calling Father
My world has ceased to turn
Their doubt grows stronger
Will they ever learn the truth

Searching for ground
Inside my mind

We've seen this all before
Intentions led astray
No one else to turn too
Return to us someday
Bleeding our emotions
And fighting tears of pain
The issue is misguided
Foundations swept away
Falling away
Track Name: The First Day Of Autumn
I hear you whisper
I feel you quiver

But it's wrong
Don't you know
what you've done to me
And it feels
As though I've lost it all
This time it's gone too far
This question will never live to see an answer

Touch me
Before I falter
Hold me
Before I fall down

To you I belong
Don't you know
That I loose control
And it feels
As though you stole it all
You'll never learn will you
Or am I the only one
Who never learns the lesson

A burden to me
And those who pray
You close your hand
And it goes... away
But tell me
On this day
You'll see it my way
My way
Track Name: Walking Metropolis
Enter the evening
Thinking alone to myself
Will I ever get out of here
I leave the morning
Almost Laughing
At all those who thought they'd get away

And every day I think of you
I know you don't really care
You turn away from those you need
You got it wrong again

The smile in a lonely crowd
Left me thinking
Are they lonely just like me
This city lives in silence
Always staring
They're living in a lonely world along with me

The city's ticking, never stopping
The city's pace tracking me down
Four walls
The final place to hide
Sealing in the room
Leaving me inside

I know that someday
You'll find someone who that you think...
Really loves you

But all I ask you to remember
In a world so demanding
It's never the way that I could... have loved