Descent Into Madness

by Faith Assembly

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released January 1, 2008



all rights reserved


Faith Assembly Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Amnesia
I feel the enemy within
It's taken all my sense
I feel I do not have a friend
Taken in the end
I know I'm stranded

When Amnesia holds me down
The time has come
Though Amnesia calls me out
Our time has come and gone

I found myself again
The circle will never end
Pushed around
kicked while down
Feeling so had and wasted

When amnesia holds me down
The time has come
When amnesia calls me out now
The time has come and gone
Down and gone

You don't know me very well
I feel your voice will dance into me
When amnesia holds me out
The time has come

Time to crash, Time to tumble
Feel the thrash
then watch them crumble
into me

Down now
someone fell out the window
Down now
no one else left to turn too
Track Name: Charlatan
Her promises mean nothing to me anymore
as they spin me around as I hit the floor

So where can we go
The fools we are for love
Though I know, yeah I know
Days will never be the same in this time you and I
Will take the blame and go insane

And you say you don't love me anymore
though I feel so insane most of the time
And I say I don't love you anymore
though I feel so numb most of the time

You have no one to love
your reflection is all that you have
though I know, yeah I know
So now who do we blame
the person you seek has no name
it's only you, yeah pathetic you

And I say I don't love you anymore
though I feel so insane most of the time
And you say you don't love me anymore
though I feel so numb on the inside

Give us life
Live with yourself alone girl again
Would she give us light on the slide of life and you seek
And she stares back at me now
Her promises don't mean nothing to me
They take my love, watch her smile

I can feel your despair on the inside
Her promises don't mean nothing
you take her love, then fade away
Track Name: Dark Horse
I think of you tonight
With that lonely smile
No coming back
Inside your head
You say it's your way again
In your lonely world
I never saw you fight
Now there's no end in sight

Here I am in a world without end
Can't say the words where do I begin
And all I ask of you this time
Give her up inside your mind

Their words mean nothing to me
So you hide away
Words can't fix whatís broken
Buried you and me

You are so lonely
You live on your high
I never thought you'd feel despair
While walking on air
You never thought you'd fight
You gave up on my light

As you ask me
I look around then fade away
Into you I fall away
Make promises you can't keep
Only you
Fly away

Look inside your mind
Can't say the words
And now I've awaken
Track Name: Fade To Black
Listen to me I say
Listen there's no where else to run

I had so much inside
In your silent heartbeat
I confide
I sing these words to you

Lay me down to sleep
(I still remember your face)
A Whisper
To lay it down

Mary Jane's gone and lost her way
so much anger fills her day
just wait and see

Lay me down to sleep... itís over
(I still remember your face)
It's Not Over
It's almost over

I can feel your descent into madness
you don't fool me
I feel your sadness now
over and over again

Inside of me
Deep inside of me

I can't turn back
fade to black
no turning back
fades away
don't turn away
No more me...
Track Name: Carry Me
I believe the things you say
Still deceived by my thoughts that take me astray

And you
Carry me there's no way out
And you buried me in your house of love

Carry Me inside your light

I still need to hear you say...
On and on and on it goes will this whispers promise slow

Can you see what's inside of me
Can you feel the love inside of me

On and on it goes
On and on she goes
You will never know
The road alone she sews

In your Light
Track Name: Flight
Open your hand
And feel her heartbeat
Only reminds me
Of the defeat

Who would believe you're still standing
After your crash landing of love

Only with wings of love
Cry out
For the wings of love

Loose yourself
It's all in slow motion
Spinning me around again

Why should you believe
While demanding
I sense her whisper
They won't mean nothing

Only with wings of love
(inside out)
Cry out
For the wings of love

Say it again
And will you know

Away you go
Track Name: Ever After
You can see
A world inside
A lifetime left to bleed
Another world will sit
and watch them fall

Now see
The lights go down
No happy endings now
I still canít see
the lights go down
No happy endings now

There ís no more time

I believe
she tells me
and I see
right through you

You can see
a world inside
a world in frontof me
Another world
will sit
and watch them fall
upside down

I know my love is true
Track Name: Mercenary
Mary Jane never said what she wanted to say
Mary Jane never knew
Mary Jane never said what she wanted inside
Nor do I

Mary Jane
While carried
She'll vary
Mary Jane
All by herself
And I watch her smile

She found another
To bring you down
She found another
To kick you around
She found another
Fooled you man

Mary has
All the answers
And she wished
She could pull you through
Too bad
She doesn't love
The Inside of you

Bring me down
Now you frown
She smiles
While bringing me down
She smiles while bringing you down
Up then down
Track Name: Straight Jacket
Someone's turning me inside out
Someone's burning me alive

I've seen you fall
No one seems to care about you anymore
Though I've seen the signs
No one seems to care
Cause in your head itís there
Embrace the end

And you loose your soul
And you twist her way
And you hear your mind scream out loud
As it brings you down again

I can feel, my mind is turning

You've seen me fall
And you don't lend a hand
You only promise me
Your lack of honesty
You've seen me fall
You don't give a damn
No other way through
It's all about you

And you loose your soul
As you twist her way
All the things youíve lost
And you fight her way

And you turn me inside out
Tear me apart
A homicide
Shots in the dark
No time to decide
Leave me in the dark

So my love is blind
Believing in the dark
And here I am
Believing in the dark

See me fall for you
And I don't even love you